Locals Flip Over Olympic Gold

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JESSUP -- The U.S. womens gymnastics team soared to victory, winning its first team gold medal since 1996.

At First Class Gymnastics in Jessup, they were tumbling over that news.

"Everyone keeps saying they're watching them on TV and they're watching at home and the girls are flipping on the couches and the moms are like, 'Oh my God, we have to get them in the gym,' so we've gotten a lot of phone calls for new kids, new enrollment or kids that were here or are coming back here," said Allison Phillips of First Class Gymnastics.

For now, the girls training at the gym Tuesday were excited to learn the American women's team is the best in the world.

At first class gymnastics, Olga Chernysheva is a coach and a native of Russia. Years ago, she was close to an Olympic dream when she injured her knee.

She has also has been keeping a close watch on the female gymnastics teams.

"They do amazing tricks on floor, now I watch and I can't believe it because they are so young," she said.

So it's gold for the women in 2012 and maybe one day gold for one of the girls at First Class Gymnastics, training to be great.

"Granted only five get on the Olympic team every four years, but who's to say one of our girls won't make it, you know?" said Phillips.