Rain Welcome Sight To Farmers

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SCRANTON -- The wet weather our area has been having is certainly a welcome sight for area farmers.

Many in the produce business said they had been very concerned after weeks of hot and dry temperatures.

It was another soaker of a day in Scranton as a quick afternoon storm dumped rain on those at the Scranton Farmer`s Market.

While the wet weather may have kept some shoppers away, farmers at the market say it`s still a welcome sight.

“Great, it is great,” said Clay LaCoe of Farmer Buckey Farms. “We really needed it we had three weeks were things started to dry up poorly and slow down but with this rain, things are coming along back to normal now.”

Severe weather has passed through parts of our area over the past few days dumping much-needed rain on crops.

This rain comes after weeks of hot, dry weather, with some days hitting record highs.

Farmers here said they feared they would lose their produce.

“It did cause a little concern with our tomato crop and stuff like that,” said Brian Schirg of Jim’s Farm Produce. “It`s been so hot that actually it doesn`t set tomatoes when it`s so hot, being so dry but now we`re getting some rain now and stuff is starting to look pretty nice.”

Farmers say another contributing problem was the lack of a lot of snow over the winter.

“A dry winter, that was one thing, we started out dry so, if we had a little snow it would have made it easier, things could have got a better start,” said LaCoe.

And the rain is also making produce buyers happy to see lots of healthy fruits and vegetables on display.

“We do need it, all the farmers in this area say there`s a drought and we see it out there so hopefully the rain will pick up some of their growth and they`ll be back with better produce,” said Carl Boettcher of Clarks Summit.

However these farmers say every year, there`s always the risk a crop will flop.

“Oh yeah, it`s a gamble with the weather,” said LaCoe.

“It all depends on Mother Nature,” said Jim Vasky of Vasky Farms.

The Scranton Farmer's Market is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 7 p.m.