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Cleanup Continues in Hard Hit Parryville

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PARRYVILLE -- Cleanup from last week`s storm continues in the hardest hit area of Carbon County.

According to the Carbon County EMA Director, Parryville near Lehighton received the most destruction from Thursday's storm.

As of Sunday night, all power has been restored, but the cleanup continues.

The people of Parryville are still hacking away at what`s left after the storm ripped through the borough.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Mike Kunkle of Parryville.

"There was a pretty good pile here," said Timothy Wentz of Lower Towamensing Township.

The Carbon County EMA Director says the National Weather Service investigated the damage.

After looking at the radar and listening to resident`s stories, the Weather Service believes strong down burst winds, not a tornado, caused all the destruction.

Three days later, trees are still in piles and some areas are still covered in branches.

"I have a few trees to clear, and some siding I had to pick up in my neighbor's yard.  There are some shingles around.  Just more or less debris that's blown away," said Kunkle.

Kunkle showed Newswatch 16 what the powerful winds did to the side of his home.  It ripped off the siding and twisted and bent a shutter.

At the same time, an insurance agent was across the street, assessing damage to a neighbor's home.

Wentz lives just outside Parryville.  He was out of town when the storm hit and came home to a yard filled with debris.

"Our road was closed.  I think until Saturday night and I think that's when we got our power back too," said Wentz.

Wentz says he expects to put in hours of hard work before finishing the cleanup.

The county EMA director says the National Weather Service told him the strong down burst winds that rocked the area were about 70 miles an hour.