“Cheap” Gas Available in Pittston

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PITTSTON -- Wouldn't it be nice to get gas for under three bucks a gallon?

Believe it or not, a station in Luzerne County is offering just that.

Drivers we found have been filling up ever since they noticed the unusually low price late last week at the gas station in Pittston.

Drivers like Paul Butty, who says he's on a fixed income.

"They deserve some credit. They really do. Because it`s really helping people like me that don`t have a lot of money," said Butty.

Last week, new owners bought the Pittston Good2Go gas station near the Pittston Bypass and William Street. The take-over took people by surprise as well as the new prices which are about a half a buck cheaper than the nearby competition.

"It`s helped me tremendously. I just bought a car, cheaper gas and can't complain," said Greg Gulla of Hughestown.

"I didn`t understand why they were doing it. Do you mind waiting in the lines? No, it`s worth it. It`s definitely worth it," said John Oliveri of Avoca.

The new owners of the station say they will keep the price at $2.99 for as long as possible to help their new customers and the local community. 

"They are doing a fantastic thing. It`s an incredible feeling to know that I can fill up for $25 less than what it would normally cost me," said Shelby Fromel of Duryea.

The owners say they'll be renaming the station to the Pittston Food Express.

And while they're not making money from the cheap gas, the new owners hope the customers can buy a few things inside with their savings.