Flash Flooding in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The rain came so hard and so fast in Williamsport, it took many by surprise. Take a look at this car at the intersection of Light and Berger streets.

The car flooded, the water almost waist deep for the people around it.

Other cars tried to keep going as the water rose. This is High Street, certainly not high enough.

Officials say 15 to 20 cars got stranded.

Street after street in the city got flooded. The water came rushing down Bloomingrove Road.

On Vallamont Drive a branch got carried by the current on the street turned stream.

A police car trying to block off market street got surrounded by water itself.

Much of market street became a lake from all the rain that had nowhere to go.

Park Avenue was hit with heavy rain and it didn't take long for it to look like a lake.

When the sun came out, people tried to clear storm drains and the water did go down but damage was done, not only on the streets, but in basements.