Wayne County Cleaning up after Storm

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BEACH LAKE - Early Friday morning about 2,700 homes and businesses in Wayne County were without power, and crews were working around the clock to help clean up after Mother Nature.

Downed trees and power lines can be found all along River Road in Beach Lake. People who live there said it all seemed to happen in an instant.

"About 5:30 p.m. the wind came up, black cloud came over, and it just blew something fierce, and within two to three minutes all of the damage was done," said Lyle Hocker of Beach Lake.

"Trees were coming down, trees were bending down, the rain, you couldn`t see," said John Supino of Beach Lake.

Supino was picking up his granddaughter and got caught driving along River Road during the worst of the storm.

"There was no sparks, but if you look further up my property I`ve got more damage up there than down here, so I was worried about the house. Was there a tree right through the house?" said Supino.

He's glad it's over, but has done much of the cleanup alone before PPL reached his home in the early afternoon.

With many areas to clean up in Wayne County it could be days before everyone has their power turned back on.

"You can`t fight Mother Nature, so you have to accept that and hope for the best," said Hocker.

People in that area of Wayne County went without power for days after a storm about a year ago so many had generators ready for this time.

Others have been stopping into Schaffer's Hardware in Hamlin for basic supplies such as bottled water, generators, oil lamps, flash lights, battery-powered lamps and batteries.

As crews work to restore what the storm destroyed, John Supino and many others in Wayne County said they're thankful.

"I feel very blessed, not lucky, very blessed," said Supino.