Storm Strikes Landmark in Schuylkill County

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Officials in Schuylkill County said for the most part Thursday's storm didn't cause a lot of damage. However, that wasn't the case for the owners of one landmark trying to rebuild.

Workers are busy rebuilding a wall which was blown over by high winds near Tamaqua.  The wall is part of rebuilding the White Diner. Co-owner Jim Fulmer said it burned and was destroyed last year.

"If we have any luck it's no luck, it's just the typicial thing thats been happening to our luck lately," said Fulmer.

The owners of the White Diner said rebuilding has been tough. Co-owner Morgan Jones said the storm damage was just the latest setback.

"We had the fire last September, we had a rough go of it waiting for insurance and the people I have here now are really friends that help and people in the community stop by and help," said Jones.

The contractor for the rebuilding project, Lou Albertini, said the building was lost to a fire.

"It's just an old 1892 rail-car and had some wooden side molding and woodwork and we tried to take it off and redo it for the new place but it just crumbled and it was just too burned," said Albertini.

The contractor said rebuilding the White Diner is weather dependent. The owners hope to have it reopened before Thanksgiving.