Storm Damage in Northumberland County

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Cleanup crews in Northumberland County were busy the day after wicked weather blew through. About a half-dozen workers spent the day fixing the roof at Cabinets Surplus near Watsontown. Co-owner Tim Yordy said the store was open for business when the sky got dark and the wind picked up.

"Peeled our roof back pretty badly. Thousands of dollars worth of damage I would guess. We had damage to some of our rental properties. It was just a bad day," said Yordy.

Employees took pictures of the damage to the roof. Yordy said no one was hurt at the store, but some of the cabinets inside were damaged. He said the massive cleanup started right away.

"Crack of dawn we had our fellas on the roof. About a half-dozen guys taking care of things in case it rains again we had to get things buttoned up," said Yordy.

There are a lot of trees down near Watsontown. Some pulled down power lines and caused a lot of damage. Many spent the day cleaning up.

Vickey Anspach of Dewart has not started the cleanup process yet. She said she is still in shock over what she found when she looked out her window after the storm.

"I thought, well it just went down over there and then I realized it was on my car and I thought, oh my gosh," said Anspach.

Anspach said her insurance company told her the damage is not covered by her policy. Now she worries about how she will get to work and support her family, but she said she is also thankful.

"I just thank God my two kids are okay. You can't replace them, but you can replace all this," said Anspach.