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Storm Damage and Cleanup In Luzerne County

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The powerful storms that whipped through our area were not forgiving.

Workers said a building in Foster Township, near Freeland was nearly blown when the high winds came through. The building is used by a meat-packing plant for storage.

Several 90-foot trees were in pieces on the ground outside a home in Luzerne County.

The homeowner in Sugarloaf Township said she heard the high winds when the powerful storms came through.

She was with her son and her nephew when she heard a loud crash.

"It's scary and I heard a big bang, and I took my son and my nephew down to the basement and then ran over and got my dog," said Jennifer Marsicano of Sugarloaf Township.

Marsicano's five year old son Treston Tait also described the storm.

"I thought there was a tornado coming. And did that scare you? Mmm huh," said Tait.

When Marsicano came outside she saw the downed trees and power lines.

Marsicano and her family have been without power for almost 24 hours. Crews contracted by PPL have been working their way down Turkey Path, trying to restore power to customers.

Still she said it's been hot and annoying for everyone.

Now it's all about the clean-up. Marsicano's parents came over to lend her a hand, cutting down the trees, turning it into firewood.

Just across the street, workers from Cooper Tree Service worked hard to cut down a 90 foot tree that snapped during the storm and came crashing down on a driveway.

"Last night about four or five white pine trees, about 80 or 90 feet, the wind just busted them in half," said Allen Cooper of Cooper Tree Service.

Workers said they've been out all day, checking out damage, and clearing out downed trees and branches.

"It's good for business, bad for property owner, but good for business," says Cooper.

PPL said a little more than 800 people are still without power in Luzerne County, and it could take up to several days before everyone gets their power back.