Using Karate to Heal

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POTTSVILLE -- Some people learn martial arts as a hobby, others for defense.

However, one class is using karate to heal.

Martial arts instructor, Jeff Driscoll gives some self-defense lessons to staff and clients of Recovery Edge Incorporated. It's a program based in Pottsville that helps folks recovering from alcohol, drugs and emotional issues. Part of the program is to expose them to various parts of the community.

“If they're grabbed and pulled in and if they need to strike, strike that will disable their opponent slightly and allow them an ave of escape,” said Jeff Driscoll of Driscoll Institute of Martial Arts.

Danielle Hoak of Pottsville wishes that she knew some self-defense moves in the past.

“I was in an abusive relationship, and I had to get out of it, so now I have to be smarter in my actions. It takes a little bit of work,” said Hoak.

Officials of Recovery Edge know that martial arts teaches discipline. That`s something Recovery Edge Director Ed Perhonich's daughter found out.

“The martial arts discipline has changed her as such a young person in how the way she studies, how her discipline is at home, how her discipline is at school. Even teachers have realized how she's improved and is different from other students,” said Perhonich.

Recovery Edge clients still have two more lessons in the martial arts as part of their road to recovery.