Storm Socks Susquehanna County

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The sky darkened and a powerful storm quickly tore through southern Susquehanna County late Thursday afternoon.

The pounding rain and strong wind caused problems almost immediately, as folks tried to find their way home, or to some kind of shelter.

"I was watching it, I was watching it come and I thought, 'well, if I can get a little closer I will be all set,'" said Jim Allen of Lawton.

He was held up on his way home because of a car stuck and a downed tree in the road.

As quickly as it came, that storm was gone, leaving behind downed trees and utility lines.

"A lot of trees down in the road, you know, a lot of wind damage, saw a lot of close lightning hits," said Jim Holsinger of Uniondale who had to find alternate routes home because of storm damage.

Lem Lattimer is staying in Susquehanna County for work. He heard the storm was coming and managed to take a video of it.

"It was crazy, it came very quickly, very fast. One minute it was just gray and grizzly, and the next it was like lightning strikes and just the clouds were moving in so fast. It was crazy," said Lattimer.