Storm Brings Down Trees in Luzerne County

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Severe weather swept through parts of Luzerne County Thursday evening causing a lot of damage.

Those who live in the Drums area said a powerful storm came through in a matter of minutes and when it was done, dozens of huge trees blocked at least one street and led to hundreds of people without power.

"All of a sudden, the trees were like dominoes, one hitting the next. They just crashed to the ground," said Jean Krum of Butler Township.

The powerful storm that ripped through the Drums area caused a lot of damage. In a matter of minutes, dozens of huge trees were brought down along East Foothills Drive.

"The hail stones, the wind. It happened so fast and it just stopped that quick, and all the damage was done already," said Krum.

The road was closed as PPL crews worked to clear trees that also brought down some wires, leaving many without power.

Other neighbors got to work too, with chainsaws in hand.

Those who live along the street said the storm was intense.

"It was just like mass chaos, blowing all over the place. It was like twigs, like it was nothing and these are 50-year-old pine trees snapped off. I`ve never seen, I'm here 30 years and I`ve never seen anything like this before in my life," added Krum.

"Skies got really dark, then they turned greyish and it started raining really heavy, and within two minutes, the wind went unbelievably strong and trees started snapping," added Rich Zablocki of Butler Township.

Large trees were uprooted in Zablocki`s front yard. A tree even landed on part of his home.

He said all the damage shows Mother Nature has to be respected.

"I can honestly say I will always heed the warning of a tornado warning again," he said.

Down the road, more damage as tree branches landed on a car. Winds even knocked over a swing set.

Ann Marie Ferdinand came home to find a big tree down in her yard.

"I knew weather could be powerful, but I just didn`t think it would be in my backyard," said Ferdinand of Butler Township.

She and other neighbors said the damage could have been worse.

"We can deal with this. It`s just clean-up. Everyone`s safe and our houses are safe, so it`s all good," added Ferdinand. "Just clean up. Clean-up next and take one day at a time."

Those who live along East Foothills Drive believe it may have been a tornado that caused all the damage, but that has not been officially determined.