Lightning Hits House Near Bloomsburg

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MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP -- Parts of northeastern and central Pennsylvania saw thunderstorms Thursday morning. One woman who lives near Bloomsburg said her house was hit by lightning.

Pieces of Susan Oman's chimney are scattered on her yard near Bloomsburg. Oman said she and her family were still in bed when they heard a storm and saw lightning outside.

“We heard a real loud crash, and I said to my daughter ‘I think that hit the house.’ She said ‘no it didn't,’ but then we looked out the windows, and we saw all the bricks lying there,” said Oman of Mount Pleasant Township.

Oman said the lightning strike was so powerful the chimney blew up like a bomb.

“It was scary. It happened so fast,” said Oman.

Oman said no one was hurt by the lightning strike. 

Besides her chimney being destroyed, she also noticed some other damage.

“All my water looks like mud. It came down the plumbing system,” said Oman.

Oman also said she is bracing for what may be to come. Her insurance company told her that lightning often does strike twice.

“Yes, they said there is a high instance that if it hit your house once it will hit your house again. I looked it up on the internet, and it's true!” said Oman.

Oman said her insurance company will cover the damage from this lightning strike.