Heavy Storm Damage in Lycoming County

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Heavy storm damage was reported in parts of Lycoming County. 

One man in Williamsport said a tree wrecked his truck.

“I'm just thankful nobody was inside the car when the tree came down on it,” said Jacob Smith.

Smith said he considers himself lucky. No one was hurt when a tree fell on top of his truck in Williamsport completely crushing the red pick-up. Jacob's dad, Chuck, saw the whole thing.

“And I saw the neighbor's tree come down and I thought 'wow.' Just about that time I watched that tree come down on my boy's car,” said Chuck Smith.

Heavy wind and thunderstorms ripped through Williamsport. Greg Robbins got caught in it while he was driving.

“Well I was trying to get home really quick. I was on the beltway and it was blowing everywhere. Of course you want to make sure your family is okay,” said Robbins.

Robbins and his family sat on their porch and watched crews clean up the damage.

There was even more damage outside a building at Penn College. A tree blew over on West Third Street.

Cleanup continues all over Williamsport. Jacob Smith's neighbors lent a helping hand.

“Came over to help us clean it up and get it started and moved up the street so we could get the rest of it cleaned up,” said Jacob Smith.

Smith said he will be looking for a new truck this weekend.