Carnival Provides Good Time For Good Cause

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MOUNT POCONO -- July is prime season for festivals and carnivals around northeastern and central Pennsylvania. In Monroe County, one volunteer fire company has made a name for itself with a carnival that is not only fun but also plays a critical role in raising money to keep the community safe.

From fun rides, to cool games, to super-hot food, at the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company`s annual carnival, there seemed to be something for everyone.

“I`ve been waiting to come here for a while you know,” said Craig Smith from Long Pond. “I`m most excited about the zipper right there, but there`s a few other rides I`m planning on getting on.”

“It`s a wonderful night, nice weather. It`s only 70 degrees out so come on out, come on down and have some fun, get some cotton candy,” said Deatra Cummings of Tobyhanna.

The carnival runs through the week and volunteers hope to draw in big crowds each night.

And if all the dazzling attractions weren`t enough of an invite, the carnival food certainly is.

“Fried Oreo, my first time,” said Joseph Gray.  “I`m not from around here, I`m from New York. We don`t have this in New York. It’s very good, it`s like my taste buds died and went to heaven.”

While this carnival is about having fun, it`s also about fundraising.The fire company says this carnival is its largest fundraiser of the year. And just last year, the fire company showed just how much the event pays off.

Using a little more than $1 million raised at the carnivals over the years, the fire company bought two brand-new fire trucks.

Chief Randy Altemose says the new trucks have made a difference in fighting fires.

“Some of the things that we did on it made things easier, made us more effective, and we`re able to do a better job at fighting fires,” said Chief Altemose.

Even better, no tax dollars were used to buy the new trucks.

Many people said this carnival is a way to have a good time, while supporting the fire company and the communities it protects.

“It`s great because they do get their funds that way. They keep their fire companies going. It`s a necessary thing,” said Herb Truhe from Lehighton.

“People come from all over the county to come out and support the community,” said Jennifer Tighe from Allentown.

The Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company’s carnival runs through Saturday, July 28in Mount Pocono.