Storm Clean Up Continues, Some in the Dark

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- More than 100 homes and businesses are still without power after Monday night's storm that rocked one community in the Poconos.

Now those people are depending on the kindness of the township and neighbors for water and ice.

The powerful storm that blew through Leisure Lands housing development near Marshalls Creek left behind an enormous amount of destruction.  Hundreds of residents were affected and one of them is Tom Harrison who is still without power.

"It came through as first, starting to hail and then the wind just picked up," said Harrison.

The remnants of the storm still fill his yard. Broken, splintered trees and branches are all over his yard. Plus, he has to carry on without electricity. But Harrison said he is thankful his family wasn't hurt and that Middle Smithfield Township officials are providing free water and ice to all residents affected by the storm.

"Oh, we'd be hurting without the ice or water.  We really need that," said Harrison.

But his main concern right now isn't clearing away the debris from his home. Instead, it's making sure his neighbors are taken care of as well.

"We have an older woman across the street, we're trying to take care of her.  Also a couple down the street, an older couple, who has no vehicle, no way to get ice or water.  So we're taking care of them and concentrating on that first. Once we get the power back on, we can concentrate on this mess," said Harrison.

In 24 hours, Harrison and a neighbor removed about six trees from the roof of his home.

Now, the next step, after the power is restored, is to remove all of the trees in his yard.

"It seems to be the worst in the community that I've seen.  As far as trees down, and everything. It's just all around us," said Harrison.

The emergency officials for Monroe County say power should be restored to the remaining 130 homes and businesses by 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Middle Smithfield Township will continue distributing ice and water free of charge to those affected.