Crash Claims Father’s Life on Way to Hospital

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- There is a heartbreaking story behind the story of another deadly crash in Bradford County.

We learned Wednesday that the victim was on his way to the hospital to see his wife and newborn baby when he was killed.

There are a lot of heavy hearts in Bradford County. Word spread after the crash that killed Shon Seeley, 29, that he was on his way to the hospital to see his wife and newborn, just a day after the family had celebrated so much joy, bringing a child into the world.

Photos of Shon Seeley show a man in his element, on the family farm near Troy where raising dairy cattle is a way of life.

The Seeley family has Milky Way Farms, which was hit by fire last year. The farm's bottling plant and restaurant were ruined, and it took months for the family to rebuild. But they did and celebrated 50 years in business this month.

Then Tuesday evening, Shon Seeley was gone, barely 24 hours after an employee at the family business said Seeley's wife gave birth. State police said the new father was killed along Milan/East Smithfield Road, north of Towanda.

That employee says Shon Seeley was on his way to the hospital to see his wife and newborn.

Investigators say Seeley lost control of his Subaru Forester, and hit the embankment. They said he struck two trees, then came to rest in the road.

Seeley was dead at the scene, while police are still investigating the crash that left a long mark down this country road.

Seeley's family and the surrounding community is in mourning the loss of life and for the mother and newborn left behind.

That employee at Milky Way Farms says Shon Seeley's wife and baby will stay in the hospital an extra day.

There is no word what led to the deadly crash that took a son, brother, husband and father in Bradford County.