Monroe County Residents Spend Another Night Without Power

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Some people in parts of Monroe County spent another night in the dark after spending the day continuing to clean up debris left behind by powerful storms.

Downed trees took out power lines in Middle Smithfield Township Monday night, leaving homeowners with a lot damage.

“It looks like Katrina came through here, all the trees down and everything. You`ll be amazed to see it.”

Harry Favor talked to a friend on the phone in disbelief, looking at the massive pine tree now sitting in his front yard. Other debris is left scattered throughout the property after a powerful thunderstorm came through the night before.

Still he`s one of the luckier ones in Middle Smithfield Township as the tree missed his home.

“It`s bad but it didn`t damage the house. The wires are down. We`ll probably lose some food but we can still go out and eat,” said Favor.

Unfortunately that wasn`t the same story for many others here in the township.

County emergency officials said a house was gutted by flames when firefighters couldn`t get to it due to downed trees.

Falling trees also left several other houses damaged.

“We had a tree fall on the roof and we just cut that off today and the pine tree fell down,” said Travis Jony. “In the front of the house, on Overlook, the trees fell down right across the road so and we couldn`t get out the driveway.”

Power remained out for many throughout the day as downed wires hung everywhere and lay scattered over roadways.

Met-Ed had several utility crews on scene, working to restore electricity.

Until that happens, at the Country Club of the Poconos, residents can pick up water, ice or even take a shower.

Still many people said they`re getting fed up with constantly losing power after storms.

“It`s been a pain since I`ve moved up here because every time there`s a major storm the electric keeps on going out,” said James Anderson.

County emergency officials say Met-Ed hoped to have all power restored by 11 p.m. Wednesday night.