Crash Damages High End Cars at Dealership

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A man from Danville walked away from a costly crash,  severely damaging new 2013 cars at the Jack Metzer dealership in Montour County this weekend.

"It`s hard to believe to be honest with you, somebody could do that and the damage would be that extensive," said former owner Jack Metzer.

 "It was a total of nine cars, and six were brand new Volkswagons, and three were brand new Volvos," owner Robert Metzer said.

Michael Weatherill tells police he doesn't remember the wreck, but must have fallen asleep Saturday evening, damaging the most expensive cars on the lot outside Danville.

"Yeah, he had a good selection didn`t he? Hit all the good ones," Jack Metzer added.

The dealer says damages will be covered by insurance, but they will have some effect on business.

"In the short run, there are some cars that were hit that were very popular cars, so again, we can`t sell those cars, but they`re easily replaceable too," Robert Metzer said.

Although the driver did hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage on this lot, the owners say they`re thankful that only their cars were mangled.

"There`s always concern, you`re next to a highway, so there`s always concern, we`re just happy that no one got hurt."

Police say Weatherill will face traffic citations, but they don't believe drugs and alcohol were involved. Court records show the driver pleaded guilty to careless driving charges in Mahoning Township in the past.

The people at the Metzer dealership says they'll pick up the pieces, replace their inventory,and go back to business as usual.

"If somebody had been just shopping around and somebody got hurt, that would really be serious and thank heavens that didn`t happen," said Jack Metzer.