S.P.C.A: Dog Living In Horrible Conditions

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FRACKVILLE -- In Schuylkill County, officials confiscated 14 dogs living in what they call horrible conditions.

The animals are not available for adoption yet, because they`re being held as evidence of cruelty.

14 pit bulls, including four pups, were confiscated from a home in Frackville. Hillside S.P.C.A. officials were called to a home Sunday morning.

Jessica Heller was one of the first to go into the basement. "The smell blew us away as soon as we walked into the house. The smell of pee, feces, and there was also a dead dog there," Heller said.

Some of the dogs had opened wounds and signs of recent surgeries. S.P.C.A. official Janine Choplick said some of those prosedures were done by the owner.

"The ear cropping it must be done by a vet and records that it was done humanely,also tail docking that a vet was done humanely  would offer paperwork that he should have for that for," said Choplick.

The dogs owner, was at the S.P.C.A. trying to get the dogs back. He declined to talk publicly about the allegations of animal cruelty.

Neighbor MaryAnn Dixon had plenty to say. "I said to the officer please tell me that something is going to be done to the individual that owns these dogs because you cannot have those many animals living in those conditions," said Dixon.

Police say one dog almost died from paint fumes. Neighbor Ken Dixon witnessed officers saving the dog's life." One of the dogs had a paint can struck on it's head so tightly, he was banging it off of everything." Ken Dixon said.

Police say they hope to file criminal charges of animal cruelty against the dog's owner. None of the 14 dogs confiscated by Hillside S.P.C.A. are up for adoption, they're being held as evidence.