Mixed Feelings on NCAA Sanctions

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STROUDSBURG -- Stroudsburg little league is the proud host of this year's little league state championship tournament.

What some fan's aren't proud of has nothing to do with this sport but everything to do with college football. Specifically, Penn State football and how the NCAA penalized the football program.

Earlier in the day. The NCAA announced sanctions against the Penn State football program after assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on dozens of counts of child abuse.

NCAA officials believed Penn State failed to maintain the minimum standards of appropriate and responsible conduct, among other things.

So, as a repercussion. The NCAA imposed a $60,000,000 fine on the university, stripped Penn State of all its wins from 1998 to 2011. Banned the football program from any bowl game for four years. And reduced scholarships in addition to other punishments.

Mick Fleming is a graduate of Penn State and feels the NCAA had no choice.

"I totally agree with them, they had to do something, they came down realy hard. I'm a penn state graduate , i hated to see it, but , it's more than football, the whole situation," said Fleming, of Elysburg.

Gary Kehler of Mount Carmel has always been a Penn State fan and believes the number one person wronged is Joe Paterno, who is no longer the winningest coach in college football.

"Joe Paterno's not here to defend himself. They don't know what happened, they're only guessing.  I mean the poor guy, he was a great guy, they can't take that away from him and here they're taking away . It's not right," said Kehler.