Fans Stunned by Sanctions

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STATE COLLEGE -- "Stunned. Stunned," said fan Robert Merrell.

Merrell said he was speechless and upset when he heard about the penalties imposed on Penn State University by the NCAA.

He was not alone.

Scott Hoffman graduated from Penn State and brought his family to state college for a visit.

"I think they're hurting some of the students that are the football players now that came here to play. That's really going to be affecting them," said Scott Hoffman, of Northumberland County.

Cynthia Hampton has lived in state college for 35 years. She believes the penalties will be a black eye for Penn State University.

"People have looked up to Penn State. This just tears down what this university really stands for," said Hampton.

"I think it's horrible that five men could take down a university. I think Penn State is much more than football. I am very proud that my daughter goes to school here," said Dawn McDermot of Connecticut.

Most of the Penn State fans Newswatch 16 spoke to said they are still Joe Paterno fans. Many of them stopped by the place where his statue used to be and dropped off flowers, letters and candles.

"He made a mistake, a big, big mistake. But his wins are his wins. I don't think that should be taken away from him," said Hoffman.

One fan says the only positive to come out of the penalties is the $60 million that will go to programs preventing child sexual abuse.

"Penn State does have a focus now to help those victims. I am really happy about that," said Hampton.