Chihuahuas Adopted in Luzerne County

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP - Thirteen chihuahuas taken from an animal hoarding incident in Columbia County went to the Luzerne County S.P.C.A. last week. Now, one by one, these pups are on their way to new happy homes.

Luzerne County S.P.C.A. Development Director Peggy Nork said, "It was amazing. We really, the community stepped up and came out to help."

All thirteen chihuahuas at the Luzerne County S.P.C.A. have been spoken for just a few short days after being taken from this home near Benton in Columbia County. Nearly 200 chihuahuas were found inside, and the owners face animal cruelty charges.

Ashley Bullock of Sweet Valley says she's been waiting all weekend to take her little Zoey home. Bullock said, "I came down here for the past three days with my mom. We`ve tried our hardest. Yesterday they said come down with all of your dogs, so we brought all of our dogs down, and they said the females weren`t ready, so we had to come down today. "

Kristen Wilce of Old Forge said,"I was here Saturday, Sunday I was here, and they told me they weren`t ready and I was here since 9:00 am this morning."

Both owners say it was worth the wait, and they're looking forward to taking their new friends home. Wilce said, "I feel very lucky that I got her."

Mary Ann Aigeldinger of Mountain Top is also taking home a dog, one with some special needs, but a very big heart. Aigeldinger said, "Somebody has to love her and I do."

Although all of the chihuahuas here at the Luzerne County S.P.C.A. are spoken for, including Tinkerbell, there are still some available to take home.

Nork said, "There are some shelters that still have some of the chihuahuas that were brought into from this hoarding investigation."

Nork says she can't thank the community enough for the support. She said, "Hoarding is a terrible thing, but when we can find wonderful homes for all of these animals, and get them where they need to be, it`s great, it`s a great success."

Dog lovers looking to help one of the many chihuahuas find a home can click here for a list of the other shelters that still have these dogs available.