Berwick’s Coach Curry Stays True to PSU

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BERWICK -- So what would you tell high schoolers thinking about going to college at Penn State and considering playing football at Happy Valley?

Newswatch 16 took a trip to a community today that knows football very well.

When a high school football player wants to play college ball, he often looks to his coach for guidance.

For many years, Coach George Curry has been that person at Berwick Area High School.

Curry says he believes the new bowl ban against Penn State will deter talented players from going there, but he says he'll continue to support the school.

"Penn state's a great school. And even young kids over there now. I feel bad for them to suffer from past mistakes. And that's what happening. But there's no question it's a great university," said George Curry, the football coach at Berwick Area High School.

Coach curry says he'll continue to support Penn State football and some of his former and current football players here at Berwick say that they would still be interested in going to PSU despite the sanctions.

"It's still a great program even if they can't go to bowls, even with all the scholarships lost and all the wins vacated. It's still a great program nonetheless," said former Berwick football player Tony Goodson.

But others say the sanctions will only tarnish the school.

"I feel like a good school is going to be taken down by one individual's bad choice which was not Joe Paterno," said Michelle Wisiak, of Berwick.

Either way, Coach Curry says the NCAA handed Penn State the punishment it deserved.

"As much as you love Joe Paterno. And we all did and we all do. You still respect for what he accomplished, but hey. They blew it. They asked for it," said Curry.

Coach Curry says if a high school football player is that good, he'll succeed at whatever college he attends, including Penn State.