NCAA to Announce Penn State Penalties

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Penn State will soon learn what penalties the NCAA will issue regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association will hold a news conference Monday morning.

Monday will be a day many Penn State fans have been anxiously awaiting since the sex abuse scandal broke eight months ago.

The NCAA  news conference comes one month after Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse and nearly two weeks after the release of the Freeh report which detailed high-ranking school officials had knowledge of the abuse and covered it up.

The NCAA plans "corrective and punitive measures" for the university and the possible penalties against the university had people talking.

"I think they should fire all the ones that were on the board when this happened and everything. That`s my opinion," said Donna Cravath of Gouldsboro.

"As far as I`m concerned, there`s not enough money in this world that could compensate for what those victims went through," said Rose Ann Rukse of Scranton.

There has been speculation the NCAA could impose the so-called 'death penalty,' which would suspend the football program for at least one year.

Some Nittany Lion fans said that would be severe.

"They shouldn`t punish the program because it`s one bad apple that did everything wrong and a couple bad people covered it up," said Steve Cravath of Gouldsboro. "People love Penn State football and they don`t want to miss the new season coming up."

"I wouldn`t give them the death penalty, but I would definitely cut their scholarships severely, restrict the bowls that they can be in, like USC was. They weren`t allowed bowls for I think three years, so at least that. Just enough to deter recruits, like a normal NCAA football punishment would be," said Josh Cramer of Dickson City.

Some people said it will take years for the university to recover from the scandal and the sanctions.

"My son goes to Penn State and I think it`s a shame their reputation is at risk now. It`s a great school and I don`t really know what the punishment should be. I think basically, everyone`s suffered enough," said Joanne Paradise of Scranton.

The NCAA news conference will be held at 9 a.m. at its headquarters in Indianapolis.

Newswatch 16 will have complete coverage throughout the day on the Penn State penalties.