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Update On Columbia County Dogs

Posted on: 11:40 am, July 20, 2012, by , updated on: 12:28pm, July 20, 2012

JACKSON TOWNSHIP — There is new information on a story out of Columbia County involving a case of what investigators call animal hoarding. More than 200 dogs were found inside a single home and 30 dogs found were dead.

The state attorney general’s office said the two people being pinned for crimes against the pets are brothers Albert and Thomas Ambrosia. 

State dog wardens found about 200 dogs, many of them Chihuahuas, at the home in Jackson Township, near Benton, on Thursday.

Newswatch 16 learned Friday morning that 30 dead dogs were found in the home, stored in a freezer.

As for the dozens of others, investigators said some of them had skin, eye, and dental health issues.

Late Thursday, authorities removed the pets, taking crate after crate of Chihuahuas and other mixes to an emergency shelter in Harrisburg.   A horse trailer was used to haul them away.

Officials stressed this is truly a case of animal hoarding and that they believe the owners were trying to care for the dogs but it all got out of hand.

There is word yet what charges the brothers could face.

Most of the dogs remain in an emergency shelter in Harrisburg.  

Newswatch 16 has learned the Luzerne County SPCA is taking 25 to 30 of the dogs. If people are interesting in adopting any of the Chihuahuas, people can inquire about them Saturday.

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