TMG Health Opens New Office in Lackawanna County

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JESSUP -- A company that has rapidly become one of Lackawanna County's biggest employers has a brand new office up and running.

And the company's CEO says they will soon add more jobs.

TMG Health is a company that works with Medicare and Medicaid providers nationwide. A major arm of that company will now work out of the new building at Valley View Business Park in Jessup.

Economic officials say the benefits of the new building are twofold; more jobs for local people, and other companies will look at this building and may be more likely to bring their business here.

The new TMG Health operations center looks impressive in its spot on top of a hill at the Valley View Business Park in Jessup. Ask people from this part of the mid-valley, they'll say the landscape here has changed a lot.

"It was Barren coal, coal strippings, this whole line was strip mined, and we hunted up here, but this is much better than hunting land," said Jessup Borough Councilman Nick Marino.

Much better, because its bring jobs and tax dollars to Lackawanna County, according to Marino.

TMG broke ground on the $20 million operations center only nine months ago. The center will become the national company's biggest office.

The building consolidates two TMG offices in Scranton and Dunmore. Some of those employees will start work in Jessup on Monday.

TMG is hiring too, about 200 temporary workers and 30 full-time positions.

"I think especially our employees are going to like it, and our future employees are going to like it. Having grown up in the region, in Dunmore, it's really nice to support your home region and create jobs," said TMG Health CEO Jack Tighe.

Tighe said he is planning for a 60,000 square foot addition to the building sometime in the future.

Local economic leaders say TMG Health's growth may have a ripple effect, it could influence other companies to settle here too.

"It is a great testimonial to the quality of doing business in this area," said Austin Burke of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

TMG Health employees in the Scranton and Dunmore offices will start moving in the Jessup building on Monday. No word on what will happen to those TMG Health offices.