Suspicious Fire in Luzerne County

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The owners of a business near Hazelton are convinced they’re the victims of an arsonist.

Fire crews wrapped up operations Thursday night at Greenview Meats near Hazleton. The blaze began in a shed for storing wood. The wood was used to smoke meat. The blaze started shortly after the business closed for the day. Employee John Mascellino heard about the fire. Mascellino raced back to the scene.

"I couldn't believe it. I came down last night and it was still going on it was unbelievable," said Mascellino.

A state police fire marshal calls the fire suspicious. Co-owner John Lonczynski said it's arson.

"We know somebody set it. There was no other way. We were here working, we were here working about 20 minutes before we were alerted. No way to light it, but if somebody lit it," said Lonczynski.

Another owner Mark Lonczynski agrees someone set the fire.

"There was no product being made in that smokehouse for several days everything was out, the only way it could have started was from the outside." said Mark Lonczynski.

Some aren't surprised the fire could be the work of an arsonist. Richard Lonczynski said that`s because of an increase of crime in the area.

"You can't walk the streets at night and if you don't carry a gun you're in bad shape," said Richard Lonczynski.

Officials said the fire did not contaminate any of the meat stored at Greenview. Owner John Lonczynski has nothing but praise for firefighters from keeping the flames from spreading.

"It could have been very much worse, yes. They kept it from getting to the roof, that's where they contained it from getting to the roof, that was the good part." said Lonczynski.

If you know anything about the fire at Greenview meats, state police would like you to call them.