Police on Alert in the Poconos After CO Shooting

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Police in our area said they are on high alert after the Colorado theater shooting.

The Stroud Area Regional Police said their number one concern is someone repeating what happened in Colorado in the Stroudsburg area.

Although the police are prepared, they're asking the public to be aware, and not just now.

Lieutenant Brian Kimmins of the Stroud Area Regional Police said the shooting at a movie theater in Colorado is causing his department to be aware of the possibility something similar could happen in the Stroudsburg area.

"Our plans aren't really to post any officers at the two locations that are showing movies. They're in areas that we already have a significant amount of patrols," said Lt. Kimmins.

Police said in the early morning hours, a gunman went into a movie theater near Denver, Colorado and opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring 59.

"I just can't believe this guy killed innocent people, it's just sad," said Michelle Calandra of Stroudsburg.

"I just feel like there could be copycats, that's what I'm concerned about too," said Thomas Calandra of Stroudsburg.

This couple said while they hope what happened in Colorado never happens in our area. They're concerned about going to the movies right now.

"I'm a little scared really, because that just freaks me out, when I see that," said Calandra.

In a statement, officials at the Stroud Mall said:  "Our prayers go out to the victims and members of their families in this tragic situation. One of our top priorities is to provide our customers, retail partners and employees with a comfortable, convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Rest assured we have security policies and procedures in place, although we are not in a position to discuss these policies."

Some of those security polices involve the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.

"We have trained in active shooter scenarios. We have a significant amount of our SWAT team members that are working during the evening and early morning hours as it is," said Lt. Kimmins.

The Stroud Area Regional Police said the best thing to do is be alert.

If you see something suspicious or if someone is acting suspiciously, you should contact police immediately.