“No Regrets”: Chief Duffy’s Last Day

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SCRANTON -- With the enthusiasm and command of a room that characterized his run as Scranton police chief, Dan Duffy showed us around his final accomplishment.

The city's newest satellite police office in Scranton's hill section.

You'd never know he had only hours left in his tenure.

"It's almost a sense of closure. There is some unfinished business that I would have liked to attend to but I'm sure it's going to continue under Capt. Graziano. But, it is a good feeling to me to successfully complete some of the initiatives that I started," said Duffy.

On his last day, Chief Duffy opened his fourth and final satellite office, which will house the department's special operations group.

It's inside one of Scranton's fire companies that closed last year.

Perhaps symbolic of the financial state of the city. But, also symbolic, of what Duffy's goals were as chief

"And also, it will be accessible, there's a doorbell right on the front in case there's an emergency or anything, they'll be right there for them," said Duffy.

Duffy's leaving to head up the police academy at Lackawanna college and acknowledges he's leaving the force behind at a trying time for city employees. He'll watch Scranton weather its current financial crisis from the outside. But, the police department, he's not worried about its future.

"To be able to serve the people of the city I grew up in, my family lives in, my family, my family has business in, it was absolutely a rewarding an honorable time I had with the Scranton police department. And I have absolutely no regrets," said Duffy.

Duffy's going from chief to officer at two borough police departments to keep his police certification. He only has one day off, then he starts in Dickson City on Sunday.