Students Donate Money to Help One of Their Own

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HAZLETON -- A boy hurt in a hit and run crash earlier this year is getting some help from his classmates. The boy is still recovering, and his classmates helped raise money for his family.

Erison Presinal was severely injured back on March 29, when he was riding his bike at the intersections of Chestnut and North Vine Streets in Hazleton. Police said he was struck by a hit-and-run driver who remains on the loose.

Erison spent over a month in two different hospitals in the Lehigh Valley, and his classmates raised money to help pay for the family's travel expenses. They just presented him and his family with a check for $200.

“It was like really scary knowing someone in our grade got hurt, and that somebody didn`t stop to see if he was ok or not,” said Bethany Gavlick, a student.

Because of Erison`s injuries last March, he wasn`t able to complete sixth grade, but the teachers said no problem. Because of his good grades, when he comes back to school in a month, he will be starting seventh grade.

“He does seem like a healthy 12 year old. He`s out riding his bike, playing basketball, of course the mom in me wants to say 'wear your helmet, be careful,'” said Jocelyn Podlesney, Principal of West Hazleton Elementary School.

Erison's mom said she's amazed by his recovery.

“Thankful, very very thankful. It`s a miracle from God,” said Nancy Presinal, Erison’s mother.

When asked what he wants to tell the people who have been at his side over the last few months,  Erison Presinal said: “Thank you.”