State Wardens Seize More Than 200 Dogs From Home

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- State animal control officers said they found more than 200 dogs inside a home just outside Benton in Columbia County Thursday afternoon.

Wardens from the state Office of Dog Law Enforcement seized those dogs, after serving a search warrant on the two people who lived there.

Several wardens from the Pennsylvania Office of Dog Law Enforcement were at the home just outside of Benton, carrying crate after crate full of dogs.

Investigators said they found 206 dogs, most of which are Chihuahuas, living inside the home in Jackson Township.

Neighbor Jean Forgach said she doesn`t know the two men living there but never expected something like this to happen.

“They`re very quiet people, they keep to themselves. They keep their animals over there on their own property, they`re never out running around loose,” said Forgach. “I`ve lived here for four years and never had a problem with them.”

Dog law officials said two brothers live at the home and this is now a case of animal hoarding.

Once a search warrant was issued and the dogs were found, investigators said the owners surrendered the dogs.

Because of the large number of dogs, a horse trailer had to be brought in to take the dogs away.

Forgach said she heard the dogs barking but never imagined they had that many in the house.

“In the morning I get up to go to work, they let the dogs out, let them run and you hear them hollering to be quiet because they`re barking,” said Forgach. “And that`s basically it, they`re basically normal, nice people.”

State police were on-hand at the home to assist.

Dog law officials said the dogs were immediately taken to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg where an emergency shelter was set up.

Veterinarians were on hand for any medical assistance needed.

Dog law officials said several shelters in numerous counties have been notified these dogs will need temporary homes until they can be adopted.

Dog law enforcement is handling the case.

Investigators said more information on the dog owners, as well as any possible charges, will come out as the case unfolds.