Scam Artists Steal $90,000 From Elderly Widow

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- Police in Carbon County are on the lookout for some scam artists who showed up at the home of an 89-year-old woman, told her they were going to seal her driveway and managed to distract her enough to steal $90,000 in cash that she kept in a safe.

The crime that occurred this week angered and shocked people who know the victim

Crimsin Kern lives by the scam victim near Lehighton. She just found out how her neighbor, a widow, was ripped off to the tune of $90,000.

"I'm sure it's money they put away for a very long time, they were both very hard workers and that`s what is a shame a (expletive) can come and take it away like that," said Kern.

Police said the scam began with the victims driveway and two thieves. The man began to seal coat the driveway, without her permission.

When asked to pay, the victim took money out of her safe and left it open. The woman distracted the victim while the man removed $90,000 from the safe.

Kiel Graver said he landscapes for the victim.

"She was pretty worked up, obviously. Someone broke into her home, stole money and she was really, really worked up and one of the concerns were to keep her calm. I didn't want her to have a heart attack or something over this," said Graver.

Graver said the victim's first call went to him, not police.

"I work for a lot of older people. That`s part of our business," said Graver.

As Dave Kern cut his grass his thoughts turned to his neighbor.

"She's a lady that`s living by herself for many years, and she has nobody else around her, and for people to come in and rob her it's pretty sad." said Kern.

Mahoning Township police said they were working on a few leads, including working up a sketch of what the two suspects look like.