Hydroponic Farming

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At first glance, Purple Pepper Farms on Earhardt Road in Wyoming County doesn't look very big.

But the owners said the 30 by 50 foot spread is equivalent to two and half acres of regular farming.

"We're expecting, just from this system here, about ten to twelve thousand pounds of tomatoes, and that's just tomatoes, we have approximately four thousand plants here in this little system," said co-owner, Jake Burgess.

Purple Pepper Farms in Lake Winola uses the hydroponic method. That's growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

Hydroponic farming is nothing new, but Purple Pepper Farms is one of a few farms of this kind in our area. Owners said it not only saves thousands of gallons of water a year, it also saves land, fuel and electricity.

"To begin we don't mess with any kind of tractors and don't use diesel fuel to run the tractors, everything is put together by hands, lots of resources are saved. We don't use as much water, about 85 percent less water is used," said Burgess.

They reuse resources too.

"We really don't leave a lot of mark on the land itself, we use this system year after year, the pots everything gets re-used, we compost our own soil and everything else as well," said Trevor Brown, co-owner.

Foods grown at the farm can be found at any local farmers market in the area. For more information you can find Purple Pepper Farms on Facebook, or email them at purplepepperfarms@gmail.com.