Search for Missing New Milford Woman

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HALLSTEAD - Volunteers in Susquehanna County are looking for a missing woman from New Milford. Police aren't calling the disappearance of Beatrice Phelps suspicious, but the family disagrees.

The Hallstead Volunteer Fire Department is leading the search on ATV's, checking miles and miles of trails from New Milford to the state line.

James Shafer of the Hallstead Volunteer Fire Department said it's easy to get lost in the area.

"Real easy, especially if you don`t really know the area. You can walk up one of these roads and the next thing you know you`re out in the woods," said Shafer.

Phelps' daughters said their mom was last seen around 10 p.m. Monday at 434 Pine Street. They have been searching for their mom ever since.

"She`s just a regular mother, she loves her grandchildren, she calls all of the time to check in and see how you`re doing. Talk to the grandkids, you know," said April Fowler, one of Phelps' daughters.

"I don`t know if she went to a friend`s house and didn`t tell anybody and upped and left, or if something really happened to her, and it feels like something bad," said Sierra Robinson, Phelps' other daughter.

Search crews have also looked up and down the banks of the Susquehanna River, but have yet to see any sign of Phelps.

State Police are not calling this disappearance suspicious at this time, but the family feels differently. They said despite dealing with depression, that Phelps has never done anything like this before.

"Her purse is there, her pills, her clothes that she brought to spend the night, it`s all still there," said Robinson.

Volunteers said they'll continue to search and a state police helicopter will also assist from the air.

"We`re going really slow, checking every little trail that we see, and actually stop, and walking," said Shafer.

Phelps' daughters want their mother to know they'll continue to hold out hope.

"We love her, and we miss her, and we`re hoping to find her either way," said Fowler.