Jim Thorpe Named Fourth Most Beautiful Town

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JIM THORPE -- A community in our area has the honor of being named one of the five most beautiful towns in America.

Jim Thorpe was part of an online contest run by Rand McNally and USA Today. The results were announced on Tuesday. Jim Thorpe came in at number four.

While many in the community wanted to win, they'll take being top five.

Tourists certainly find there's something about Jim Thorpe that's worth visiting.

There is the colorful, quaint main street through town. There's the setting, nestled among all the mountains.

For years people have been drawn to the beauty of Jim Thorpe. Now the results of a competition by Rand McNally and USA Today show that beauty is among the best in the nation. Jim Thorpe came in at number four on the list of the most beautiful towns in the US.

Tourists agree.

“I think it's gorgeous, yeah. We were looking up and down and looking at all the stores and stuff and just going in and out and everything seems really quaint,” said Terry McEwen of Elverson.

“I would absolutely agree. It's quaint, it's beautiful and like Terry, my cousin, said, you walk the streets and you feel like you're at a different time,” said Michelle Elliot of Elverson.

One of the business owners in town heard about the competition and got Jim Thorpe involved thinking maybe Jim Thorpe would become the most beautiful town in Pennsylvania. Well, it certainly spread from there. She's thinking now, Jim Thorpe is number one, in the country!

“I was hoping we could win, I can't lie, but we really did win anyways. We were thrilled.  We never expected to get anywhere close to where we got so everything is a bonus,” said Pat Handwerk of Harry Packer Mansion.

Handwerk found the contest online several months ago and spread the word to vote for Jim Thorpe.

She owns the Harry Packer Mansion Bed and Breakfast, and knows the beauty in Jim Thorpe is the best.

“As you drive down that mountain into town, no matter how often you do it, it's never any different, you look out and think this is the most beautiful place in the world,” said Handwerk.

It's validation for what people in the town said they have known for years.

“Oh yeah, it's beautiful it's beautiful,” said Helen Sube of Jim Thorpe.

“I think this just confirms that we're alright, we know what we're talking about,” said Handwerk.

The winner of the Rand McNally USA today best of the road, most beautiful town competition was Danville, Kentucky.

There will be a special show about the competition on the travel channel July 25 at 8 p.m., and Jim Thorpe will most likely be part of it.