City Workers To Get Full Wages Next Payday

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SCRANTON -- The mayor of Scranton announced Wednesday morning that all city workers will get their full wages when they get paid this Friday.

The news may come as a relief to workers who had their pay cut to minimum wage because the mayor said Scranton didn't have enough money to pay them their full pay.

Newswatch 16 talked with Mayor Chris Doherty who said the full paychecks, instead of the minimum wages, apply to this pay period only.

The last pay period landed Scranton in the national spotlight, when all city workers received paychecks for minimum wage.

City workers noted how they performed their vital and sometimes dangerous jobs at $7.25 per hour and union workers went to court.

A judge ruled they be paid in full, but Mayor Doherty said the city had only enough money in the bank to pay minimum wages.

On Wednesday, Mayor Doherty said the city received enough tax revenue -- roughly $1 million dollars -- to cover workers full wages for this pay period.

However, city workers will not get the money still owed them for receiving just the minimum, earlier this month.

The city hopes to receive a $2 million loan from the state shortly, to buy time during this financial crisis.

Mayor Doherty still warns, the payroll situation remains what he called “hit or miss.”

He said it is possible that the city’s financial situation is so shaky, Scranton may find itself in future pay periods again paying its workers minimum wage.