Religious Tradition Underway In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Thousands of the faithful will be in Lackawanna County this week. The annual St. Ann's Novena got underway Tuesday morning.

The formal name is the Solemn Novena to St. Ann and it's the event that turns the landmark Scranton church into a destination for thousands of pilgrims.

It is nine days of prayer and more at St. Ann's Basilica, a celebration of the work of St. Ann, said to be the mother of Mary, and grandmother of Jesus.

People come to the church to attend services, walk the grounds, and explore their faith.

There are services inside and outside, and accommodations are made for people with physical problems.  There is even a drive-in service during the nine days of the novena.

Of course, when you have something like this in the middle of the summer, you have to be prepared for hot weather. There are places here where you can get out of the sun, plus there's plenty of water and other cool drinks available.

Medical personnel are also on stand by to help those who have problems with the heat.

The novena comes to an end on July 26, the feast day of St. Ann.

Due to the crowds, there will be slow traffic on Main Avenue, and streets surrounding the Basilica.  Police will be on hand to direct traffic.