Poconos Camp Beats Heat in Water

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REEDERS -- One sports camp in the Poconos is keeping its campers cool by keeping them active in the water.

Meanwhile, the playing fields sit empty.

At the International Sports Training Camp near Reeders, the mission is to keep kids active, which means getting them involved with all sorts of sports and other activities throughout the day.

"We play sports so we're out in the fields and up in our field house.  It's important on days like this the kids are staying hydrated and drinking lots of water and taking water breaks," said Kara Klaus-Major, the camp director.

On a hot day, staff have to be careful about just how active the campers are.

Counselors make sure water bottles are filled and are on the lookout for symptoms of heat emergencies.

"We also modify the schedules so in the morning they're out in the fields and at night," said Klaus-Major.

Normally, during the mid day, playing fields are packed with kids playing some type of sport. But with all the heat, those kids are playing in the water instead.

"It's so hot out so I'm so glad I get to go in the lake," said Madelyn Bernstein of New Jersey.

Although the kids are cooling down in the water, they're not relaxing.

"I go in the lake and sometimes take out the surfboard.  I go on the slide and sometimes I go on the trampoline in the water," said Nicholas Clohisey of New York.