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West Pittston Bank Comes Down

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WEST PITTSTON -- The former Bank of America building on Luzerne Avenue in West Pittston began to come down Monday. Crews started demolishing the building around noon. The building was flooded with more than seven feet of water in September and never re-opened.

 "Everything that reminds us of the flood, they're like demons and I'm just glad that they're getting rid of it. And that's, you know, I'm glad they're starting fresh. This town has been devastated. Anything that has anything to do with the flood, I want to see gone," said Sam Agolino of West Pittston.

 It has been 10 months since flood waters devastated West Pittston and still, there is much to do. Some businesses remain closed. Other buildings have been torn down, leaving empty lots behind. Agolino`s Restaurant next door to the bank was wiped out by the floods, too, but with three months of intense work, the business came back.

"It`s another chapter, getting the town on the road to recovery. It was a mess, a lot of people waiting for it to come down. Now we have to see what direction they go with it," said Joe Agolino, owner of the restaurant.

The former bank building has been part of West Pittston for decades, as one bank or another. The lot is for sale now. Demolition crews are expected to continue their work taking down the building Tuesday morning.