Storm Leaves Path in Columbia County

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MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP -- Some neighbors near Bloomsburg saw serious damage from Sunday night's thunderstorms.

Aaron Stagliano and his fiancée Tiffany Drasher still have a house, but there's nowhere to park their cars.

Their garage was destroyed by a storm that barreled through their neighborhood along Millertown Road.

"We went inside and we were watching the storm. The lights flickered and then basically things started smashing against the front of the house. The front window," said Stagliano, who owns the home.

Even though the garage is now in pieces in the back yard, the cars only sustained minor damage. Their shed has also shifted about a foot from where it was, and they say it will probably cost thousands to repair the damage.

Theirs is the only house on the street that got severe damage from the storm but amazingly pieces of the garage stayed intact. The entire roof of the garage stayed together and even the light bulb didn`t shatter.

"We picked up everything in the yard, salvaged everything that was of value that we did not want to throw out, put it in the shed, put it in the basement, just kind of picking everything up that we can," said Tiffany Drasher.

Down the road, Craig Moyer says the tree that snapped in his front yard cannot be saved.

Other than that, he weathered the storm but says it wasn't easy.

"I looked out one more time and I couldn't even see my front porch. It was like we was in a cloud, a white cloud. I've never even seen a white out like that," said Moyer.

Something that he and his neighbors say they hope to never see again.