More Demolition at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Demolition continues on one college campus in the Poconos.

Crews are making room at East Stroudsburg University for a new dorm to house its growing student population.  

The new building will consist of residential suites that will house nearly 500 students.

That's about 170 more spots for those who want to live on-campus.

East Stroudsburg Senior Megan Plumb came out to see the wrecking ball smash and destroy the place she lived as a freshman.

"I am so excited. I have waited for this moment ever since my freshman year, to see that building disappear. I am so happy right now," said Megan Plumb.

All the noise and action also caught the eye of the University's track and field coach. He says he would love to operate the wrecking ball and help with the demolition of what's known as the Hawthorne building.

"Hawthorne, I don't have any fond memories of it other than I was in there once and I'm glad I never had camp in there. It was just, eh, didn't like it," said Chris Merli.

In order to knock down the entire building, crews used a five-ton wrecking ball.

The demolition is expected to take about three weeks, which includes knocking down the building, separating the steel, the brick, the concrete, and then cleaning up all the debris.

But for Senior Megan Plumb, she doesn't care how long it takes to remove the building. She's just glad it's getting knocked down.

"I was in that building my freshmen year for volleyball for preseason and it was beyond hot.  The dorms were awful, you couldn't get internet, it was just a horrible building," said Plumb.

This fall, construction should start on a new group of suites that will be built where Hawthorne used to stand.

Those suites will look just like the new structure located across from the demolition right now.