Farmers Market Opens in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- It is a summer tradition in part of Lackawanna County. Scranton's Cooperative Farmers Market opened Friday and hundreds of people turned out.

Fruit, vegetables and more were all for sale at the 73rd annual Co-Op Farmers Market off Albright Avenue in Scranton.

"It`s local and it`s like the community and everybody just looks forward to it because it`s like a tradition. You can`t wait for the farmers market to open every year," said Patricia Mellody of Dickson City.

"We work over in the federal building and we come over on our lunch and we usually get zucchinis, corn on the cob we look forward to when it comes out and the farmers market opens up. Everything is usually really good," added Christine Osborne of Spring Brook Township.

All the produce sold at the farmers market is locally grown and harvested, which is what draws hundreds of people.

"The freshness. Everything is so fresh. Otherwise I think it comes from far away in the supermarkets," said Vera Platt of Clarks Summit.

"I love this. I love buying from the local farmers. You`re helping the local economy, which is always a good thing, and like I said, the produce is always amazing here and it`s priced right," added Osborne.

Some farmers said the warmer spring and summer weather has helped them produce some crops much earlier than usual.

"Well we never had eggplant this early. We never had bell peppers this early and tomatoes, there`s a bigger volume early," said Ed Hopkins with Indian Oven Farm in Falls.

As many people left the farmers market with bags and baskets loaded, some said they cannot wait to cook up something tasty.

"I`m going to make pickles from the cucumbers I bought," said Platt.

"I`m sure my family will have no problem eating what I bring home," added Osborne.

The Co-Op Farmers Market in Scranton runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 7 p.m. from now until Thanksgiving.