Community Comes Together at Fire Company Carnival

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DALTON -- A parade of fire engines, clowns, and bag pipers marched down West Main Street in Dalton as dozens of people came to watch.

The parade was part of the five-day carnival hosted by the Dalton Volunteer Fire Company, and it`s the company`s biggest fundraiser of the year.

“It is for a wonderful cause and we`re local in the community so we want to support our fire company and tonight`s the parade which is a hot night here in Dalton,” said Lisa Akulonis of Dalton. “So it`s a lot of fun and the food, the roast beef sandwiches are to die for.”

To die for indeed; while the rides and games provide a night of entertainment at the carnival, food is king.

“Pizza fritta, it`s the best, Dalton`s got it going on,” said Alex Nole of Tunkhannock.

There`s the traditional carnival food tents that are always popular but it seems the hottest spot is the clam shack, literally.

“Because we`re running these steamers, it`s nothing to see 150 degrees on a superhot day but on an average night, 105 to 120 degrees,” said James Sturdevant, a member of the Dalton Fire Company who works the clam shack.

With so much on hand to do, the crowds return night after night.

A good thing, since every dollar raised at the carnival that goes to the fire company is much needed.

“The price of apparatus, years ago we`d buy a fire truck for $10,000 to 15,000 , now it`s $350,000, 400,000, or more,’ said Sturdevant.

Many people at the carnival said supporting the fire company is the reason they keep returning.

“It`s wonderful, it`s nice to see the community get together and be able to support your area,” said Joan Hess of Factoryville.

Of course, all the food helps make those return trips easier.

The Dalton Fire Company`s carnival runs through Saturday night.