Speeding Along Middle Road Causing Concern

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP - Neighbors said cars driving down Middle Road in Hanover Township seem to disregard the posted 25 mile an hour speed limit and they've had enough.

"The people have gotten so used to speeding on this road over the years that it`s out of control, and it`s really a danger to all of the people in this area," said Don Casterline of Lower Askam.

"Traffic is getting out of hand. It`s really getting out of hand," said Roger Palmer of Lower Askam.

People who live on the road point to all the crashes, telephone poles hit, and cars driving right into the homes that sit just a few feet away from traffic. Along most stretches of Middle Road there`s not even a side walk to walk on, and many people who live there said they`re afraid to walk out their front door.

"We don`t sit on our front porch hardly because we`re afraid," said Beverly Messimer of Lower Askam.

Don Casterline has lived along Middle Road for about 45 years and has lobbied to slow down drivers.

PennDOT promises to paint the speed limit right on the road along with dots, and put in a wig-wag, a sign with flashing lights to alert drivers of the speed limit.

However, there's only so much those signs can do.

"It`s a short term solution and also a lot of it we have to work with the local law enforcement to really enforce the speed limit here," said James May, a PennDOT Spokesman.

Residents said stop signs would be the best solution, but PennDOT argues studies prove the signs would actually make this situation worse.

The real long term solution may be the proposed south valley parkway bypass project, but construction is still years away.

Casterline hopes in the meantime drivers show some restraint when driving past his home.

"This is our neighborhood, this is the street we live on, I would just want the same respect that I would do going down their street," said Casterline.

The new speed warnings should be in place by Labor Day.