Fatty Foods

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You wake up in the morning and grab your favorite drink to start off your day, but before you stick your straw into this, you may want to listen up!

Michael Kantar: "This one drink alone has five hundred sixty seven calories and seventeen grams of fat."

A new study from OxfordUniversity in England says if you eat fatty foods like these they can show up on your waist line in just three hours!

Michael Kantar: "They looked at participants who ate a high fat meal, being 30 grams of fat or more. What they found was after two, three hours, that fat that they did eat converted to around three teaspoons of fat around the abdomen."

Michael Kantar of GeisingerWyomingValley says the fatty tissue that is produced is stored as energy for short-term use which is good for exercising. If you eat those fatty foods over and over everyday with little or no exercise then it can become an issue.

Michael Kantar: "Choosing high fattening foods or high caloric foods can contribute over time to an increase risk in diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity in it of itself."

"So basically that three teaspoons day in and day out for seven days a week, leads to a half a pound weight gain, over a year that’s about 26 pounds."

So armed with this new information, we headed to the closest grocery store to find out what shoppers think.

Michelle: “Hearing that if you ate something like a donut that this amount of fat could be on your waist in three hours, is that pretty surprising?" Maryanne Gordon: "Wow... Yes sure."

John Orluk: "I wouldn’t believe that it would be there that quick, but after all the years I imagine I wouldn’t be able to walk."

Maryanne Gordon: "It makes you think twice, yes."

Thankfully, Kantar says there are healthier substitutes for these foods that can taste just as good, like a chocolate iced glazed ring donut, or even an iced plain mocha with skim milk.

Now that sounds like something you may want to try.