Fans React to Penn State Report

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FRACKVILLE -- Some longtime Penn State fans are reacting with shock, disappointment and anger over the Freeh report.

Businessman John Malinchok has been a Penn State fan for 41 years. He believes any Penn State trustee who served when Jerry Sandusky was molesting children should resign. Malinchok said he has stopped donating to Penn State. 

"They kept calling back and I said no. There has got to be some accountability for what you didn't do," said Malinchok.

Malinchok also gave up eight season tickets to Penn State football games.

"We could see the games perfectly. September and October are going to be very hard to watch Penn State football at home," added Malinchok.

Ryan Zvorsky manages a sporting goods store. The Freeh report says former coach Joe Paterno and others covered up the sex abuse. Zvorsky said that's disappointing to hear.

"It hurts because you look at him as a father figure to these players and the fans as a father figure," said Zvorsky.

Vince Dorneman said he is a big fan of Coach Paterno.

"It's a shame that something like this might put an asterisk next to his legacy which is sad," said Dorneman.

Frackville attorney Joseph Nahas looked over the Freeh report.

"It's alarming! It's alarming as an attorney, it`s alarming as a parent." said Nahas.

Nahas believes the Freeh report will make it easier for victims to sue Penn State.

"It's show gross negligence on the part of the university that they didn't take steps to protect the individuals there," said Nahas.

Some people believe the ramifications of the report will continue for years to come.