Campus Reacts to Freeh Report

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- In spite of the Freeh report on the sex abuse scandal at Penn state, people keep paying their respects to Joe Paterno.

The iconic football coach was fired, and then died of cancer. Questions swirled over his involvement in any alleged cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children.

“We all feel so bad about this situation. I feel a lot of people are condemning him for not doing more,” said Al Goodman of Harrisburg.

Goodman met his wife at Penn State. For years he considered Paterno a great coach and a great individual.

The new report is scathing and says Paterno, along with top university officials enabled Jerry Sandusky. Goodman still feels Paterno should be honored for all his good deeds.

“You could say it's a crime of omission perhaps, but not a crime,” said Goodman.

The report says the coaching great had a chance to be the hero, but chose instead to protect Penn State's image.