Fire Chief Hit by Delivery Truck

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JIM THORPE -- Jim Thorpe's fire chief is recovering in a hospital after being hit by a delivery truck. The chief was directing traffic at the time.

Chief Diehm is recovering from several broken bones and said he's sore. He has a lot of people hoping for a speedy recovery after being hit on Saturday by a delivery truck.

Neighbor Jim Pompa said he knows him well.

"I can imagine what he's going through. I had an accident and I lost a leg, and I can just imagine what he's going through," said Pompa.

According to Jim Thorpe police, the fire chief was directing traffic for a foot race and was wearing a safety vest when he was struck.

Police Chief Joseph Schatz said he hopes to have more answers in about a week.

"The investigation is continuing, and we're interviewing some people and we're waiting for the results to come back on tests before we make a determination on any charges," explained Schatz.

Chief Schatz said they've heard reports that the driver was texting at the time of the incident along Lentz Trail.

"We're investigating that possibility. We heard that but we're still investigating it," said Schatz.

Pompa said if the driver was texting, the incident could have been prevented.

"That`s a shame. If that`s what happened, that's terrible. He should be arrested," said Pompa.

Chief Diehm is known in Jim Thorpe for serving the community and his church. John  Horvath is a church member and Diehm's friend.

"He's a very good guy. He has been our senior warden forever, as long as I have been here. He'd do anything for you and a couple of years ago, he was grand marshal of our Saint Patrick`s Day parade," said Horvath.

Horvath hopes the chief is home soon.

"Everybody keep him in their prayers. We had a vestry meeting last night and it was tough running it without Bill," said Horvath.

Police said they should know in about a week whether any charges will be filed against the delivery driver from Lehighton.