Steve Mann Open National Powerlifting Champion

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Steve Mann is just back from Orlando Florida where he captured the Open National Power Lifting Championship.

Mann at the age of 36 is a man among boys beating out hundreds of competitors in the squat-a new personal best of 837 lbs, the bench press 633 lbs a new national record, and a dead-lift of 655 also a new national record.

"It was a great day. I was really happy with the way the competition went. Going back to that competition after several years off of not competing at the national championships couldn't have gotten any better," said Steve Mann.

Most power-lifters peak in their 30's and that's right where Steve Mann sits. The father of four started this hobby in ninth grade while playing football for the Abington Heights Comets, and twenty years later he is at the top of his game.

"The strength of power-lifting the great thing about power-lifting especially drug free drug tested power-lifting is your strength peaks in your upper 30's. We're seeing guys in their 40's hitting peaks and there was a national champion this year that was in his 50's, so it is a great sport for someone beyond the high school years and beyond the college years where you can continue to excel even into your 30's and 40's," again said Steve.

Steve now heads to the World Championships in November in Puerto Rico. They'll be 40 coaches represented at the power-lifting championships and if he places in the top three there he heads to the World Games in South America next summer.

"It's an Olympic event so the set requirements are very tight. So I'm hoping to make that, but being that this is my first open world championship I'm focused on doing as well as I can and just being able to hit personal bests and really see where I stack up against the top all across the world with over 40 countries represented."

Steve brought down the best in the US, now he's hoping to wallop the world.